Have you completed your Early Course Registration Process? If you haven't, follow these easy Steps!

Traditional Student: Major Declaration

Follow the following steps to register for classes.

1) Submit your major declaration here. You can also declare a minor on the same page. If you are unsure of what your major should be, or if you should declare a minor, please contact one of the following advisors:

College of Arts and Letters – Dr. Kistenberg

Metropolitan College of Professional Studies –

Department of Business Administration and Economics – Dr. Maureen Leary (

Department of Health and Human Performance – Dr. Antonia Mead (

College of STEM – Dr. Ahmed Faik

               Natural and Behavioral Sciences (NBS), Biology and Chemistry Students - Dr. Ronda Bibbs (


               Natural and Behavioral Sciences (NBS) Psychology Student J1 Access - Dr. Douglas Cooper (


               School of Social Work BSW students – Dr. Judith Crocker-Billingsley (

2) Placement exams: These exams will be used by your advisor to place you in the correct courses.

- Math Placement Exam: This exam will determine which math class is right for you. This exam is Mandatory for all incoming students to the university unless you are transferring in math credit or are bringing in AP or IB credit.

- Chemistry Placement Exam: This exam is required for students who are interested in majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Engineering. Again, if you are transferring in chemistry credit from another school or have AP or IB credit, you may not need this exam.

- Foreign Language Placement Exams: These exams are for those who have some proficiency in either French or Spanish and desire to place out of one or both required courses. If you would like an assessment for a language other than French or Spanish, please contact your advisor. They will help you contact the correct people.

Please note that these exams require time for grading. Scores can take up to two (2) business days to be processed and available to your advisor. (NOTE: Please take them in advance of making your schedule.)

3) Once you have declared your major (if applicable) and taken your placement exams, you are ready to contact your advisor to make your schedule. Please contact the advisor listed above.


Sit Lux/Biddle Institute: Major Declaration

If you're enrolled in the Sit Lux Scholars or Biddle Institute Program you will need to complete the following steps to complete your process.

1) Placement exam

2) Complete Academic Wellness Survey 

3)  Complete registration form.  

Your assigned advisor will make contact with you to begin your advising sessions.  Please be aware that Biddle Institute students do not declare majors first semester.  After acquiring 2.0 after first semester, you are then eligible to declare your major. 

If you have additional questions you may contact:

George Buggs III

Assistant Director

Metropolitan College: Major Declaration


Before meeting with your advisor to register for classes, you must complete the online MetroIntro. MetroIntro is a short orientation developed to help you get reacquainted for your journey through Metropolitan College Adult Degree Program. Instructions on how to log in to MetroIntro can be found in your acceptance letter that you received from the Metropolitan College Enrollment Team. Once you have completed the MetroIntro, please call or email your advisor to arrange a time for advising and class registration. Your advisor’s information can be found in your acceptance letter. If you have additional questions about MetroIntro, please reach out to a member of the enrollment team.

Damon Miller
Graduate School Programs

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