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The mission of the Student Health Center is to render efficient, professional, medical services to students and campus community for minor illnesses and injuries on an out-patient basis and to encourage students to be responsible for their health. To provide quality, accessible, confidential and cost sensitive medical care to the unique and diverse needs of the students and the campus community and also to provide health promotion, education, disease and injury prevention specific to student needs and development.

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Student Health Insurance
NC Immunization requirements North Carolina law requires all entering students to submit proof of required immunizations to maintain enrollment at the University. Exemptions include the following: Students registered only for off campus courses, Students only attending classes scheduled at 5:00 PM or later, Students enrolled in weekend classes, Students taking a course load of four credit DAY hours or less per semester. If a student lives in ON-CAMPUS Housing NONE of the exemptions apply. If at any time a student previously exempted changes to on-campus courses, a course load of more than four credit day hours, or becomes an on-campus resident, required immunizations must be submitted at that time.