The University welcomes admission inquiries from international students. International students should complete an admissions application three months before the beginning of the term (summer/semester) in which they intend to enroll.


The international student must follow the following procedures:


  • Submit Admissions Application & Application fee
  • Verification of graduation from high school or secondary institution
  • Official High School Transcripts/Certificate in English with translation certified
  • Official SAT/ACT or TOEFL scores. TOEFL scores (must be 525 or above)
  • Declaration of Certification of Finance, that sufficient funds are available to finance the planned course of study without causing undue hardship on the student.
  • A statement from the bank, lending agency or sponsor that stipulates the amount of money on reserve for tuition, fees and living accommodations to matriculate in a four-year undergraduate program in the United States
  • A transcript evaluation (with determined G.P.A.) from an accredited transcript evaluation agency in the United States