Favorable consideration for admission will be given to accredited secondary school graduates whose college aptitude test scores and high school grades give promise of success in college. Secondary school students planning to apply for admission to JCSU should emphasize the following school courses:
  • 4 Units of English
  • 3 Units of Mathematics
  • 2 Units of Foreign Language
  • 2 Units of Laboratory Science
  • 2 Units of Social Science.
  • 3 Units of Academic Electives
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT).

The University reserves the right to modify these requirements. Each candidate is evaluated on individual merit. Although several criteria are used in determining the admission of each individual candidate, no one criterion is necessarily the most important. Submission of materially false information in the application or school transcript will subject the student to immediate revocation and termination of his or her acceptance for admission. Such revocation of admission and enrollment shall be made by the Dean of Enrollment Services. An appeal of this decision may be made to the President, whose decision shall be final.

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