Former Student,
We are glad you are interested in returning to finish what you started at JCSU. The following information is for your use as you reapply.
Students who have previously attended J.C.S.U. and have not been in attendance for a semester or more require to file an application for readmission, by the deadline dates listed on the academic calendar for admission. Students must be eligible to enroll in the same academic department in which they were last registered.
Re-Admission Application Process
1. Submit a completed Readmission Application in person or click on the Application for Re-Admissions link shown above.
2. Once received, the Office of Admissions facilitates the process on your behalf by sending the readmit application to the following:
  • Council of Deans for academic review
  • Student Affairs for judicial review
  • Business Office for student account review 
3. Once a decision is made by each department, the student is notified of the decision by the Office of Admissions. Decisions can be one of the following:
  • Accepted
  • Accepted with Sanctions
  • Rejected
4. If accepted to return to the university, contact the Office of Financial Aid to confirm your financial aid package, your Advisor to register for classes, and the Business Office to validate.

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