Technology Support Hours

Hours of Operation (during academic term)

The JCSU Technology Support is available to help you with technology related questions or problems. You can call, make a request through the Support ticket, or just drop by.


Perry Hall, Room 201

   Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Contact Details
Technology Support
 704 -330-1300 (x1300)
Technology Support Knowledgebase
Name of Software
Description of Software
Access and Links
Support Center Knowledgebase
Access IT assistance round-the-clock through our comprehensive training tutorials designed to address various issues. Empower yourself in the world of technology
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Password Portal
Reset your JCSU password.
Office365 Email
Access your JCSU Email and
the Microsoft Office 365 suite online.
Don't limit yourself to one computer.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Access your JCSU classroom online learning management system for courses. 
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
JCSU eAccounts
Access and manage your campus card accounts.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Non-Tuition Payments
Non-Tuition Payments
(Link will be available soon)
Guidebook App: (Mobile App)
Golden Bull Academy 2023
App is used for quick mobile access to explore a lot of essentials that JCSU and GBA has to offer for our students and JCSU Community.
App is used for Video Content Management, Virtual Classroom, Video Recording, Lecture Capture, Screen Capture with audio, Active Learning, Flipped Classroom, Video Projects, Lab Demonstrations, Video Statistics, Creating University Development Courses, and more.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Phone system for calls with other features of video conferencing, texting, messaging, and more. 
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Virtual Private Network software
that allows you to securely
access the JCSU network. Use the link to download the software and install it.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Digitize forms, sign forms securely,
automate the workflow process,
and eliminate paper.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Softdocs - Etrieve
Create/Build form, Digitize forms/documents,
E-sign forms securely,
give document access permissions,
automate the workflow process, eliminate paper, and more.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in
Coursera (Professional Education
& Certification Programs) 
Only A Limited Amount Of licenses
Purchased -
Faculty/Staff/Students General 
Submit a Support Ticket
to get a license.
Use your JCSU email & password 
"Log in with Organization"
Access software without being limited to a computer lab or a particular computer on campus.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.

This app is used by students to apply for jobs on campus for paid employment.
If you need access, contact Jennifer Joyner.
Use your JCSU email &
password to sign-in.
Compliance Assist
Campuslabs (Anthology)
If you need access, contact Kaleigh Montgomery.

25Live - University Master Calendar

JCSU room reservation system for all events. Use this system to reserve a room in advance.
If you need access, contact Tenessa Moore.


Insight Online Hiring Center

HR's online system for hiring new employees. (Non-Students)
Use your JCSU email & password to sign-in.
If you need access, contact Human Resources.
App used to conduct surveys, research, and more.
If you need access, contact John Bannister.
SSC ticketing system
SSC ticketing system
for all maintenance and facilities request.
If you need access, Contact Maintenance.

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Maintenance Request

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may be experiencing due to a maintenance issue in your room/apartment. Please take a few moments to complete an online Maintenance Request and be as detailed as possible. Our Facilities Staff  will do their best to respond in a timely fashion depending on the nature of the request. 

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