What does QEP stand for and why is it important?

  • QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. Generally speaking, the University’s QEP aims to make student learning the focus of JCSU’s institutional mission by establishing a comprehensive educational plan that aims to enhance and improve the quality of educational program offerings at our University.  Why it’s important:  The QEP is a major part of the SACSCOC (see definition below) accreditation process that improves the quality of education at JCSU by connecting past educational goals and future plans to enhance the overall academic experience while preparing students for professional and academic experiences after graduation. 

What is SACSCOC and how is related to the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

  • SACSCOC stands for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and serves as the regional body responsible for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states. Several requirements are necessary for an institution to receive SACSCOC accreditation, and the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) serves as one of those requirements. 

What is JCSUs Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

  • JCSUs QEP is “Cultivating a Culture and Curriculum for Undergraduate Research” which focuses on putting research experiences at the forefront of the University’s mission by incorporating research skill development into the course curriculum for all students across all disciplines.

What is the #ThisIsResearch campaign?

  • The #ThisIsResearch campaign is the hashtag social media campaign created to relate students to the goals of the QEP and the idea of thinking more broadly about research. The campaign aims to highlight the various disciplines and activities in which research is conducted, and incorporate an interactive platform to connect students to the importance of engaging in research both in and out of the classroom no matter their major or interests. 

How will JCSU students be impacted by the QEP?

  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in research across various disciplines with the aims to develop numerous research skills throughout the student’s course curriculum. Students will also benefit from the added focus on classroom-based research skill development and opportunities to participate in research outside of the classroom.

How will the QEP affect JCSU faculty/staff?

  • Faculty will incorporate and assess research skill development based on their respective degree program curriculum and student learning outcomes. There will also be opportunities for faculty development, where faculty will be encouraged to enhance various teaching methods and activities that incorporate research into the classroom while also developing their individual research ideas. Staff will also be able to participate in research as appropriate to their respective areas.

How will the QEP be implemented at JCSU?

  • Faculty and staff will be trained in revising courses (as needed) and developing classroom-based research activities to better reflect their efforts to achieve proposed student learning outcomes (SLOs). Students will be exposed to various research-based activities throughout campus, and will be encouraged to pursue similar activities off-campus. Marketing efforts to involve the entire JCSU community will be implemented to bring awareness to the University’s mission and its emphasis on enhancing the culture of research on our campus.

Who was involved in selecting the QEP for JCSU?

  • The QEP was selected by a team of JCSU faculty and staff, with input from alumni, students and other stakeholders. The plan is based on an analysis of JCSU’s institutional needs and feedback from faculty, staff, and students to better understand the immediate need to enhance students’ academic experiences and improve overall student outcomes.

What important dates/events should I be aware of regarding the QEP and SACSCOC?

  • The SACSCOC on site committee will visit JCSU March 7th through the 9th. The JCSU community must be ready to respond to questions about our QEP.

How can I prepare/educate myself more on JCSUs QEP?

  • JCSU students, faculty, and staff can learn more about the QEP and related information in the QEP tab within JCSUs Web Portal.