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Housing Selection 2014 -2015

Housing Selection Process

2014 - 2015

Spring is quickly approaching so you must decide if you are living on-campus next year!  It’s that time of the year for returning students and the selection of housing for the academic year 2014 – 2015.

The Housing Selection Process will take place beginning Tuesday, March 18, 2014 through Friday March 21, 2014 in the Family Dollar Room.  The Residence Life staff will be set-up in the Family Dollar room beginning from 9 am – 1 pm and from 2 pm – 5 pm.  Please read your housing selection letter as it clearly outlines the process.  The staff will only be in the Family Dollar room for three days.  Prior to submitting your housing application and signing up - you must go to Biddle hall to make your $150.00 room reservation fee payment.  The day of Housing Selection you must go to the Family Dollar room with your receipt, application and sign–up for housing.  Assignments will be sent out at a later date.  Housing assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis. Applications will be distributed in the residence halls see your RHC.

You can begin signing-up on March 18, 2014 through Friday March 21, 2014.  Students who apply early have the best chance to choose their room and suite mates. 

If you did not receive an application from your RHC applications
will be available in the Office of Residence Life in Smith Hall 1 st floor.


You must be financially cleared in order to participate in the process, or if you're on the payment plan your payments must be up to date.  Cashier's check, Money orders, Account credit balance, Cash and Credit cards are the only acceptable modes of payment.  After making your $150.00 room reservation fee payment, you must turn in your application and sign the housing roster. 
Please be informed that all fall 2014 students must be validated before they can check into their assigned room this is a change in our move-in process.

Summer School Housing sign-up will be announced shortly.

Terms and Conditions for 2014 – 2015 RESIDENCE HALL AGREEMENT


The Housing Accommodations Agreement has been prepared to provide you with information regarding the policies and regulations that have been adopted in order to protect both you and the University and to carry out its educational objectives.  Note: the parent(s) of an applicant who is under 18 years of age must sign this form.  If you do not understand any portion of these terms, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (704) 378-1099 .



Any person who has been admitted or will be enrolled as a full-time student may enter into this Agreement with the University. 

A.        Only students whose matriculation fee and room reservation fee has been received will be considered for a housing assignment on a first come first serve basis. (New Students only). 

B.        Returning students whose room reservation fee has been received

and have received financial clearance will be considered for a housing assignment.

C.        Special permission must be secured from the ORL to continue on

campus residency for students enrolled in fewer than 12 hours. 

   D.       If a resident fails to enroll and/or pay fees, the resident agrees to

           vacate the premises within 48 hours of notification.

E.        A resident may not sublease or rent a room assignment or permit

unauthorized persons to share the room except in accordance with rules of overnight visitation.


2.     DURATION:This agreement is binding for the entire academic year.  This agreement becomes effective after the student signs it and after the University notifies the student, in writing, that he or she has been assigned a space in University housing.  Any student who leaves University Housing during the period of this agreement without formally withdrawing from school or without official written release from the Office of Student Affairs or the Director of Residence Life continues to be liable for housing fees during the agreement period. 

A.        This agreement may not be modified; however, the University

does reserve the right to announce changes in policy, which would supercede the policies and procedures stated herein.

B.        This agreement does not apply to Summer Housing.


Removal from Housing or the University


Students who are removed from student housing for judicial reasons will be required to vacate their residence hall room as directed by the Judicial Officer or designee.  In addition, any student who is judicially removed will

1.         not be refunded current semester Housing fees;

2.         not receive a refund of the room reservation fee;                  

3.         be financially responsible for room damages, if any, and keys that

are not returned.

4.         be required to properly check out with a residence hall staff member.  In addition, these students forfeit the privilege of living in University Housing in the future, unless given permission to return by the Office of Student Affairs or Residence Life.


3.    PERIOD OF OCCUPANCY :  Students may occupy their assigned space from the date designated as the official opening of University housing to the date designated as the end of the semester in the University academic calendar.  Graduating students will be provided housing through Commencement without additional charge.   All residence halls officially close during the Christmas holidays and at the end of the Spring semester.



   A.    The student agrees to reside in the assigned room, and agree to

        surrender keys when occupancy ends.

   B.    The University does not provide services and room

            accommodations under this Agreement during the Christmas break.

   C.     New students who do not validate by the first day of classes must 

        vacate the residence halls.

   D.    The student, at his/her own risk, may leave personal property in the

        assigned room during recess periods and breaks.  However, the

           University strongly urges the student to take valuables home during

           these periods.  The University is not responsible for loss or theft of

           or damage to personal property in the residence halls.

    E.    If a student leaves the University under any circumstances and 

           abandons property, he/she has 7 days after semester check-in or

            notification from the Office of Residence Life to retrieve personal

            belongings from assigned room or said abandoned property will

            be disposed of accordingly.



  A.    The University agrees to determine room assignments on the basis   

           of the date of receipt of the Application/Agreement and priority 

           status.  The first 450 freshmen who apply and pay the matriculation

           and room reservation fees are given priority through July 1st.  No

           student will be considered until his or her reservation fee has been

           received.  Specific room assignments (upon a student’s request) are

           not guaranteed.

  B.     If the unit occupied is a disabled-accessible unit and the student is  

           not disabled in a manner that requires him or her to have a   

           disable-accessible unit, the student agrees to transfer if the    

           assessable unit is needed for a disabled student.

 C.      Assigned students are required to attend mandatory hall and floor

        meetings in the residence halls.  Failure to attend these meetings

        may result in the cancellation of the room assignment or

        ineligibility to participate in the housing selection process.



D.     The University reserves the right to assign or reassign space for

the benefits of the individual student and/or the living unit.  The student agrees to observe the room change procedures during the first or third week of each semester established by the University and to have prior written approval before making a change of room assignments.


E.      If the housing demand exceeds room assignment capacity, the

          University reserves the right to utilize designated temporary room      

assignments, pending assignments or relocation to a permanent

living space.   Assignments to these areas are called “temporary”

room assignments.  They are for limited time only and the student must vacate the space upon expiration of the temporary agreement.


F.      The university reserves the right to modify or terminate room

assignments for disciplinary reasons, catastrophic conditions, facilities closures, or irresolvable incompatibility of roommates.  The student, upon accepting a housing assignment agrees that his/her housing privilege may be revoked if the student violates the housing agreement or other Standards of Conduct. 


G       The deadline to apply for fall housing is July 1, 2014.  If housing

          is full prior to July 1st or after students will be responsible for

securing their own off-campus housing.


6.    CONSOLIDATION:  If one or more of the occupants of the room or suite moves out, the remaining occupants(s) must consolidate.   Consolidation will be done at the universities discretion and it involves:

        1.   moving to another room or suite. 

           2.   finding someone in a same or similar situation to move in with

     you, or

           3.   paying the private room rate.

In cases where none of the consolidating parties wishes to move, priority to remain will be determined by:

            1.  length of room occupancy.

            2.  length of enrollment by credit hours, and

            3.  date of receipt of application.

Students who willfully do not participate in consolation may be removed from university housing at the universities discretion.


7.    LIABILITY:  The university will not be liable for loss or theft of or damage to students’ personal property; such belongings are stored in University housing at the student’s risk.  Students are urged to secure insurance for such property and should confer with their parents about coverage via their homeowner or renter’s insurance policy.


8.     REFUNDS: Students who cancel their housing are only eligible for a refund based on the dates listed in the Dollar and Sense Publication. Students who officially withdraw from the University and from University Housing qualify for a prorated refund of housing cost determined by the date they officially check out of University Housing or withdraw from the University (which ever is later).  Students who withdraw will not be eligible for a refund of their $150.00 room reservation fee.


9.     APPLICATION AND ROOM RESERVATION FEE:  Submission of an application and room reservation fee does not guarantee housing.   The total amount required for returning students room reservation fee is $150.00.   The $150.00 room reservation fee is not refundable If a student decides to cancel their housing, the student mustcancel by July 1st 2014 to avoid the $100.00 late cancellation fee.  The cancellation date for students not returning for the Spring semester is November 30, 2014.   


10.     ROOM ENTRY BY UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS:  The resident agrees that University officials may enter his/her room during the period of occupancy for the purpose of inspection, maintenance, search to investigate suspected violation of campus regulations and/or local, state, and federal laws; and removals of any material possessed illegally or in violation of University policy, or local, state, or federal laws.


11.     ADDENDA:  Housing rules and regulations appearing in the most recent Student Handbook, Code of Conduct, Housing Literature, or revisions thereto as may be periodically instituted by the Office of Residence Life are made part of this agreement.


 The student understands that the University makes all assignments

without regards to race, color, religion or national origin and rejects

all request for changes of assignments based upon such reasons.


Return application and fees to:    OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS

                                                        Johnson C. Smith University

                                                        100 Beatties Ford Road

                                        Charlotte, NC 28216

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