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All students who contract for housing on campus are required  to participate in the University's Board Plan (Meals). The University offers three meal plan options to students living on campus ( Freshman can ONLY participate in Meal Plan 1) . Additionally, all plans are available to off campus students, however, are not required. The meal plans are as follows: 
Note: *This plan is for off-campus students only.
The meal plans include Flex Dollars for the students to purchase food at Burger King, Red Mango, & Lauren's  located in the Mary Joyce Taylor Crisp Memorial Student Union building. Students can use Bull Bucks for KoKoMo's Coffee Shop and possibly other eateries off campus. All Flex Dollars must be used by the end of the semester. Flex Dollars are a part of the student meal plan. Students must deposit funds to their Bull Bucks account in order for this account to be used. There isn't a limit on when these funds can be used.


Applying for Residence Hall Housing 

Welcome and Congratulations on your acceptance to Johnson C. Smith University. The Office of Residence Life strives to create opportunities for students to experience different interests that will promote growth and development in campus housing while pursuing their education. Our goal for First Year students is to create an environment that promotes success both academically and socially. Housing and Residence Life are committed to helping students in and outside the classroom. While living on campus you will meet new friends and experience a culturally diverse mix of students, explore leadership opportunities, and work tirelessly in achieving your goals. Our experienced professional and para-professional student staff will be available to help in your transition to college.
How will your housing be assigned?
Prospective students interested in on-campus housing should apply online.


May I request a specific roommate?

Yes, if you know of another prospective student that will be attending the university and you would like that person as a roommate, please add their information to your application.  Make sure you have the correct spelling of their name and student identification number.


What are the steps? 

Generally, housing is assigned on a first come first serve basis. If applications are received and deposit paid before May 1st, housing is normally available. The University reserves the right to assign or reassign space for the benefit of  individual students and/or the living units.  


Step 1 –  Read and Review Online Application and Agreement


  • You must pay your room reservation fee, in the amount of $150.00 before applying (for housing); once paid you will be given online access.
  • You may begin to apply for housing beginning February 1st of each year, submit your application online
  • Once you have been accepted and paid your fees you will be given a user identification number.
  • The ID number will allow you access to the online system - please follow the step by step process.


Step 2 –  Submit Housing Application and Room Reservation Fee


  • Decide which halls you wish to reside and where you would like to live.
  • These residence halls include: Sanders, Liston, Carter and Greenfield Halls.


Step 3 –  Submit Application by July 1st 


  • Once submitted, the housing application becomes the housing contract, (and cancellation process must be followed).
  • Students applying before July 1 will meet the deadline and will be assigned based on first come first serve.
  • If you are under the age of 18 at the time you submit your application a parent and or guardian must sign the agreement.
  • It is important that you note specific documented needs or medical conditions in the special accommodations section of the application.
  • If you miss the July 1 deadline you still may submit an application; however students will be assigned based on availability.


Step 4  - Room Assignments


  • Students may check online for your housing assignment in the JCSU Web portal - be sure you are checking the correct session.
  • You may print a copy of the room assignment and move-in instructions.
  • Assignments are made available in June-July online


Step 5 – Move-in


  • Students must arrive on-campus according to the date and time specified.  If you cannot move-in during the designated date/time indicated, you must contact the Office of Residence Life,  otherwise you maybe be considered a no show and your room will be cancelled.  If you decide for any reason you will not be attending the University, you must contact the Office of Residence Life for cancellation of housing. 
  • On the day of check-in please be prepared to complete all necessary paper work and receive your keys at your designated residence hall.


Applicant under 18:

You need to be 18 years of age to sign a Housing Application and Agreement; otherwise a parent or guardian must also sign.

Where do current students live?

Our residence halls provide students the opportunity to meet new friends, explore and pursue interests that develop the whole person through self discipline, citizenship, and diversity. These are our current students designated living and learning residence halls:




New Residence
Mosaic Village